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HTML5 Canvas Game Development

I just finished developing a 2D Breakout Game using HTML5 Canvas based on MDN's 2D Breakout Game tutorial. I added a workflow to it of course for testing in command line purposes, for speeding up the development process, and speeding up the process of making files production ready. One thing I learned first and foremost: HTML5 Canvas games are data-consumption expensive! By removing a few things from the workflow like normalize.css and postcss-mixins npm plugin, as well as minifying code, I was ... Continue Reading

Data Recovery with Git

So I just did my first data recovery with Git. Git really is an amazing tool. It thinks of all the possible events that may happen, including a glitch in its own process. Why is there data recovery? Because sometimes you may lose a commit. Stuff happens! Remember. Nothing is perfect. I had made a lot of changes. I was trying to ignore my node_modules, and it wasn't going so smoothly with the .gitignore file. I deleted the modules and re-installed a couple of times to get the .gitignore to ... Continue Reading

Bye Bye Adobe Illustrator

update 10.21.16: I am able to create svgs in Adobe Illustrator 5.5.1 again, but there definitely has been a loss of features here and there. I will continue to use it until it no longer is compatible with my system (another reason not to upgrade to OSX Sierra,  just in case such surprises occur). At the present time there is nothing else out there to compare with it, that's for sure: I have checked out the "competition". But who knows what the future will bring? I have been using Adobe ... Continue Reading

Inventory Update

The challenge: [crayon-5846fbfac177d730673449/] The solution should return: [crayon-5846fbfac1794221467880/] Some helpful links: Global Array Object Array.prototype.sort() Sorting a JavaScript Array Using array.sort() What my solution should achieve: It should compare and update the current inventory in a 2D array against a second 2D array of new inventory. In my scenario, arr1 corresponds to the 2D array of current inventory (curInv), and arr2 corresponds to the 2D array of new ... Continue Reading

Exact Change

I finally got around to continuing with my advanced algorithms for Free Code Camp. I didn't earlier because I thought I didn't have to complete that section. I was just probably hoping I didn't have to complete that section! There were no asterisks after the rest of the algorithm links; only after I would complete an algorithm. Strange! But, I decided it better to complete the advanced algorithms before finishing up the advanced projects. I was hitting a couple of road blocks here and there, and ... Continue Reading

Never let fear of failure hold you back when you’re learning

These past couple of weeks have been something for me. I was grappling with how El Capitan worked, grappling with the fact that I had done global installs as per npm documentation without truly understanding the consequences until something would go wrong and it would be brought into the light of day; then having my older not such great posts retweeted when more updated solutions had been published. But even those answers ended up not being the greatest. The one thing I did learn recently, is ... Continue Reading

Fixing npm permissions

I have been talking a lot about permissions, SIP, El Capitan, and how it could change the way we develop. It still could, but at least in the world of Nodejs and npm, things are looking good. I did find a work around with npm, and it is part of their new documentation on their website. It's entitled "Fixing npm permissions". You don't have to fool with your .profile (and you probably can't anyway if you're on the latest OSX operating system), and there is no sudo involved. Remember how I said ... Continue Reading

Why you would want to do a -g npm install – really! [update]

Update 8.4.16: The comments on Medium got me curious, and I did come across npm documentation as how to avoid using sudo for -g installs. However, as a result, more questions have popped up which I have posted via npm issues. Am awaiting a reply and will write about my findings when they are rendered. I have been getting into debates with people as to why one would want or not want to install npm packages globally using the -g flag. Well, I have news for you. There are times when you do need to ... Continue Reading

How to uninstall global npm packages

I guess I really am on a roll today. Since I have written a post about uninstalling local packages, it was only logical to write posts about uninstalling global packages. This npm inc. video is about uninstalling local packages. Related Posts: Uninstalling global packages ( How to modify System Integrity Protection in El Capitan: (In case you have software hindered by it) Glenn Fleishman,September 30, 2015, MacWorld El Capitan’s System Integrity ... Continue Reading

How to uninstall local npm packages

I'm on a roll today. Since I have written posts about installing npm packages globally and locally, it was only logical to write posts about uninstalling. There is an official npm inc. video about uninstalling local npm packages and one about uninstalling global npm packages. This video is about uninstalling local packages. Related Posts: Uninstalling local packages ( How to modify System Integrity Protection in El Capitan: (In case you have ... Continue Reading