Implementing ES6 Modules Without Webpack or Babel

ES6 Modules have been around since ECMAScript 2015 (aka ES2015, ES6). When they were first introduced, we transpiled them somehow to ES5 via creation of a single bundle.js file. This was usually done with npm module bundling tools such as Browserify or Webpack. ES6 modules have been fully supported in Chrome since version 65. So why do we still get errors if we try and use the import/export keywords to import or export modules in JavaScript files? Even though ES6 modules ARE fully supported ... Continue Reading

Installing pgAdmin Only after installing PostgreSQL with Homebrew Part 2

This post assumes that you have already backed up your existing databases somewhere (if you cared about them!). I will not be going over those steps. Getting to know the tools you use as a developer is just as important as learning to program. If you don't know how to use them properly, your programming will suffer! Which takes me back to my battle with PostgreSQL on my machine in a way that suited my needs. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I wanted the ability to play around with ... Continue Reading

Installing pgAdmin Only after installing PostgreSQL with Homebrew

  Update June 17, 2018: I revisited this issue just now and the set up really is easy. I will be writing a post on this and will link it to here. I much prefer using Homebrew, especially for local development, but I also like having the ability to use a GUI. This set set up just makes life so much easier if you want to push your local repo to remotes such as Github! Note 6.16.18: I did find out after, however, that it can be very difficult to set up without the graphical interface/server ... Continue Reading

The new npm audit with npm > 6

First Github started letting us know about npm package vulnerabilities in our Github repos. Now Nodejs has followed suit and does the same in our local repos via command line. It took me a little while to figure out how to fix these vulnerabilities. It was a matter of not so hot npm documentation. It seems that it has since improved! Node Security is very new, after all! Links to better documentation is now included in our vulnerability warnings in Terminal (Mac OSX). Currently I am working on ... Continue Reading

Microsoft Word vs Apple Pages

As much as Apple has caused me big headaches with my new laptop purchase and subsequent migration of data (and the saga isn't over yet), using a program such as Pages is a dream. What took me hours to produce via Microsoft Word took me minutes with Pages. AND, any links I embedded actually worked when I exported to PDF. With Microsoft Word, the links no longer work on exportation! And creating layouts are a breeze. And why was this such a big deal? I can't add a Microsoft Word doc into a React ... Continue Reading

Mistakes can end up being brilliant moves

In a recent post, I spoke about how the OSX Migration Assistant created a new user from my postgreSQL install on my new laptop. Subsequently I talked about uninstalling postgreSQL installed via the postgreSQL GUI and reinstalling directly into my administrator account via Homebrew. I mentioned my moves to my teacher, and he said that if I was working on shared code with others using postgreSQL databases, that I should create another account because of security reasons. A light bulb went on in ... Continue Reading

How to uninstall postgreSQL on OSX and reinstall with Homebrew

Earlier today I wrote a post about what happens when you migrate your data from an older macbook pro (mine was from late 2013) to a newer one (mine is from late 2016) with the OSX Migration Assistant. In this post, I list the steps I took to uninstall postgreSQL installed from the postgreSQL website and reinstall it using Homebrew. For those of you not familiar with it, Homebrew is the missing package manager for macOS. Created by developer Max Howell in 2009, Homebrew installs the stuff you ... Continue Reading

postgreSQL and the OSX Migration Assistant

Last week I received a new macbook pro laptop I had purchased. My old laptop had seen better days. I had lost functionality in my t key on my keyboard. My external speakers were shot. And after I had already purchased and received the laptop, I found out that my thunderbolt port was dying. How did I find THAT piece of information out? I was trying to transfer my data from my old computer onto my new one with the OSX Migration Assistant, and nothing happened. I wanted to know if I had perhaps ... Continue Reading

How to copy a directory from Command Line

In my last post I talked about zipping and unzipping a directory from the Command Line. I also mentioned how you could ignore directories within the root directory you are zipping. But sometimes you just might want to copy a directory that is in one location to another location, for whatever reason. Today, for example, I just completed a new project for my class for which I need to upload the complete directory (minus the node modules of course). However, I first want to copy the directory to ... Continue Reading

Reach for it

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash This past Sunday, I was working on a little project for my Evening JS Intensive class, and I found an inspirational and wonderful photo on Unsplash (above) taken by Bryan Minear. I really wanted to create a chat bubble over the hand and place random quotes within it, but I just couldn't get it to work for me visually. I think what really bothered me was that it covered part of the photo. In the end, I trashed the idea of the chat bubble and went ... Continue Reading