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Today is International Women's Day! And it inspired me to take my first steps in achieving my company's goals of bringing more tech awareness and efficiency to small business. More and more small businesses are popping up everywhere. More and more people deciding to work for themselves and not others. More and more technological advances and dependence on technology taking place each day. But the big question is, are we taking full advantage of their benefits? Are we learning new things to ... Continue Reading

When your Ruby system install breaks after a Homebrew upgrade

Recently I upgraded to Mojave on my Macbook Pro (late 2015). I then decided it was also time to upgrade Homebrew. I needed to update postgres, so thought I would update everything else. postgres was a success. Read more in my posts entitled Upgrading PostgreSQL from version 10.4 to 11.1 via Homebrew (OSX) and Changing your (Homebrew) PostgreSQL configuration from trust to md5. Unbeknownst to me until today, my Ruby system install broke in the process. I hadn't done anything related to ... Continue Reading

How to save terminal output to a file for future reference

Recently I upgraded to Mojave on my Macbook Pro (late 2015). I then decided it was also time to upgrade Homebrew. I needed to update postgres, so thought I would update everything else. postgres was a success. Read more in my posts entitled Upgrading PostgreSQL from version 10.4 to 11.1 via Homebrew (OSX) and Changing your (Homebrew) PostgreSQL configuration from trust to md5. Unbeknownst to me until today, my Ruby system ... Continue Reading

Changing your (Homebrew) PostgreSQL configuration from trust to md5

As I had mentioned in my previous post Upgrading PostgreSQL from version 10.4 to 11.1 via Homebrew (OSX), I had one last step I had to take to ensure that my PostgreSQL upgrade configurationmirrored that of the previous version. I had to change the following configuration that was implemented on version upgrade: WARNING: enabling "trust" authentication for local connections You can change this by editing pg_hba.conf or using the option -A, or --auth-local and --auth-host, the next time you ... Continue Reading

Upgrading PostgreSQL from version 10.4 to 11.1 via Homebrew (OSX)

Yesterday, it was that time again. Time to finally upgrade to the latest version of PostgreSQL. Circumstances differed from the last time, which was good. For one, I didn't have a Migration Assistant data migration from my old computer to my new one to deal with. Second of all, due to changes in PostgreSQL itself (and subsequently Homebrew as it relates to PostgreSQL upgrades starting with version 10+), once you wrap your head around it, the upgrade is fairly painless. An important thing to ... Continue Reading

When and why it is important to refactor code

The CSS Image Slider (partial) and Audio Player Area This post is about why I refactored the code for my app called The Cat Whisperer, and what I learned from the experience regarding future developments for the application. The Speech Synthesis, Session Storage, and File Download Area The Cat Whisperer App, available for viewing on Github gh-pages and on my portfolio site there, is a little app I created so that cat lovers could be inspired to write about their cats using the Speech ... Continue Reading

Refactoring your JS workflow when your images are in your CSS only

I have been doing quite a bit of enhancing and refactoring of apps I have built lately. I have also been tossing one or two here and there because the APIs they relied on were retired. A good excuse to re-build them differently! I refactored one app I love yesterday, and it proved to be a bit of a challenge. Something a bit different for me in a purely Webpack workflow. My images for my CSS slider were only embedded in my CSS, not in my HTML. When I had created this 2 years ago, I really like ... Continue Reading

How to uninstall VS Code Seamlessly on your Mac

Recently I have been having major problems with VS Code on my Mac. First under High Sierra, and since this morning, Mojave. I uninstalled the first time around using the application Clean My Mac X. Apparently the quick uninstall was not complete. I decided to see if there was something I missed the first time around. When I upgraded to Mojave, my VS Code installation disappeared. I had uninstalled it and re-installed it, thinking that it was a clean uninstall. I uninstalled because VS Code ... Continue Reading

ESLint parsing (in React)

Note: I use VS Code. I just completed creating a new custom workflow for React which included support for CSS Modules, SCSS, and image imports. I use ESLint as my linter, went full throttle with an extended configuration as well as adding a babel-eslint loader in my webpack.base.config.js. I added a custom lint: eslint . script in my package.json. I found, however, when I ran the npm run lint script after a production build, the script crashed, and some strange errors showed up in the Terminal ... Continue Reading

The New Babel 7 Config

Update December 3, 2018: There were some issues along the way due to breaking changes in Babel 7 which affected Jest, React, and ESLint. Unless you are using create-react-app, your workflow might have to be adjusted depending on what support you want to provide in any given application. I have brought all resources together in the repository for the second edition of my custom React Workflow on Github. Please visit issues to learn more. For the last day or so, I have been working on making Jest ... Continue Reading