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Why mobile first should come first in web design and development

I just wrapped up my first customization of the Brian Gardner (BG) Mobile First Theme the other day. I love it because it is truly a "mobile first" theme, and I consider that a very important aspect of web development today. It's no longer simply about the desktop or even laptop anymore. Just about everyone has a tablet or smart phone with them everywhere they go, and their UX and UI has become a number 1 priority. People like to surf the web, search for interesting content, or even make ... Continue Reading

Bluehost has failed me big time

I have been with Bluehost for over 8 years now. Until recently, I was very happy with them. However, this year, especially in recent months, my websites have been very, very slow to load. I was told tonight that it is a Bluehost issue, but their policy is to fix the server the customer is on, and not move the customer to one that works. The problem is, that for the first time ever, I paid up front for a year. And this is when things got to be the worst ever. I regret having done that. maybe it's ... Continue Reading

Why you may have been having problems removing Jetpack Related Posts from specific posts [contd]

So tonight I asked a seasoned WordPress Developer about "removing Jetpack Related Posts from specific posts" code. he told me that it shouldn't have mattered whether or not the add_filter was [crayon-55e3836b0b290725014368/] or [crayon-55e3836b0b2a0524266941/] However, as I had mentioned in my previous post about this issue, it didn't work. I even made sure to copy and paste it right into my functions.php file on my staging and live production environments, and it didn't work. The code I ... Continue Reading

Why you may have been having problems removing Jetpack Related Posts from specific posts

Update August 5, 2015: Certain information I have here has been changed and updated in a subsequent post about Jetpack Related Posts entitled "Why you may have been having problems removing Jetpack Related Posts from specific posts [contd]". Please read it dfor the latest information on the topic. Today I found out that a CSS customization I had made to Jetpack Related Posts didn't take after all. The reason why related posts didn't appear at first was because the plugin hadn't found any ... Continue Reading

Another Reason I Love The Genesis Framework: Site Maps

I love the Genesis Framework more and more every day. This weekend, I finally got around to creating a site map for this site and for the local install of But guess what! I didn't need to use a site map plugin. Genesis has a built-in site map that you can call to action. It's very easy to set up. All I had to do was to create a page called Site Map and choose the archive template under page attributes within the page editor, and voilà! I had me a site map. I made a ... Continue Reading

Git Cheat Sheet

Git Basics* git init directory : creates empty Git repo in specified directory. Run with no arguments to initialize the current directory as a git repository. git clone repo : Clone repo located at <repo> onto local machine. Original repo can be located on the local filesystem or on a remote machine via HTTP or SSH. git config name : Define author name to be used for all commits in current repo. Devs commonly use --global flag to set config options for current user. git ... Continue Reading