Genesis Sample Theme 2.2.0-beta is here. Have you updated your files yet?

So tonight I just found out that updates to the Genesis Sample Theme version 2.2.0-beta is now available on GitHub. I examined the code and decided to implement the universal changes that were available there. The changes mostly had to do with more accessibility for the visually impaired, streamlining font sizes with the addition of rems. There was a bit more here and there, but the diff file is available for your viewing pleasure on GitHub: Genesis Sample: Comparing Changes This information ... Continue Reading

Why I chose to use BitBucket for personal and client projects

Recently I wrote a piece here about the SourceTree desktop app, which is a Graphics Interface Version Control Software from Atlassian. I have been using it for all my projects now. But I also wanted to introduce Command Line to my development work flow. I know that many people in the Open Source Software world and more specifically, in the WordPress Community, like to use Github. I even have an account there. However, I didn't want to pay money for private repositories. It would end up being a ... Continue Reading

Today I Came Up with The Fix to “Modify the Breadcrumbs Display” Code Snippet for use in the Genesis Framework

I love breadcrumbs. I used them on the former version of my Inter-Global Media Network website, in which I used the Thesis Framework. When I found out that I could add this feature to my Genesis Sample Child Theme (parent: Genesis Framework), I was very excited. I turned on the feature in the Genesis Theme Settings page, but didn't like how the default breadcrumbs it looked. I asked myself, "How can I change this?" First I went into to find what kind of documentation there might ... Continue Reading

Version Control With SourceTree

A little while ago, I came across SourceTree desktop app, a Graphics Interface Version Control Software from Atlassian. If you are working alone and just want to keep tabs on the changes you alone make to your projects, it's the perfect solution. I'm mentioning this now, because of the conflict that had arisen between my MAMP Pro's Apache Server and the default Apache Server on my Mac. I'm not giving up on that route, because I still think it's very important to gain command of Command Line ... Continue Reading

Troubleshooting Conflict Between Default Apache and MAMP Pro Apache Servers

Today I encountered a conflict between the default Apache Server on my MacBook Pro laptop and Apache in MAMP Pro. I was following a course by Kevin Skoglund on entitled "PHP with MySQL Essential Training", in which we were learning how to get Apache to serve up files from a "Sites" folder. This course doesn't discuss Wordpress PHP, but PHP the scripting language, and its relationship to MySQL. It also introduces the use of Command Line and Mac OSX's default Apache Server. He was ... Continue Reading

Terminal Cheat Sheet

Lately I have been getting better acquainted with the Terminal Command Line program for Mac. There are so many different things to learn, but I have been dying to find a nice little cheat sheet to quickly work off of. I just found one a little while ago, and want to build upon it. To view it, please click here. As I accumulate more Command Line commands I find useful and potentially commonly used, I will add them here, and perhaps even contribute to the Github page in question, if possible. If ... Continue Reading

Troubleshooting MAMP Pro

The above image represents how your MAMP Pro installation should look like in order to perform properly. The Apache Server checkbox should be green. The MySQL checkbox should be green. localhost should not be highlighted in red but should be in black text as here. Any other installation should be in black text as well, the WordPress Extras icon should appear in the Extras column for each installation as well. This indicates that MAMP Pro recognizes the WordPress local installation and MySQL ... Continue Reading