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Adding new content to your hugo website hosted on gh-pages

As some of you might already know, I just recently switched from WordPress to the Hugo static website generator. So I'm still fairly new to it. And some of you might already know what a stickler I am for good developer documentation. So what does being a Hugo newbie have anything to do with developer docs? Plenty! And here I will focus specifically on publishing new content to your Hugo website hosted on the Github gh-pages branch. Because I have been doing a lot of ... Continue Reading

How to completely remove cached IP addresses

Recently I decided to migrate from WordPress to Hugo and hosting it on Github gh-pages. Best decision I ever made. But I had quite a time with getting the site to display on my computer! At first I thought that no one else could see it and that it wasn't correctly pointing to Github's IP address(es). I checked to see whether or not that was the case with a service called, a global DNS propagation checker, but the IP address associated with the web ... Continue Reading

My Amazon S3 Moment

Last week I decided to dive into a new project of my own creation. Part of the project entailed re-using code I had already created, so I was very excited about it. One of my 2017 New Year's resolutions was to create code that I would be able to re-use in other modules or projects, so I welcomed the opportunity. Some re-usable code was related to cross-browser hacks for input ranges. I had already done quite a bit of research on the topic for my Custom HTML5 video player, and the code was ... Continue Reading

The Chrome Favicon Nightmare And How I Finally Fixed It

The other night was a real doozy. I decided to add favicons to all my gh-pages hosted projects on Github. A while ago I had added a favicon to a project using one of the images for project itself and I had no problems after installation. So yesterday I thought, why not install a new brand favicon that would match the look of the front of my new business card? I wanted to get started on developing my new brand image and make it easy for people to recognize MY work. Favicons are great for ... Continue Reading

A Must-Have Front End Developer Tool

Today I was adding a new project image to my front end developer portfolio, and I had the damnedest time trying to match its size to all the others, which I had created with the FireShot Screen Capture Chrome extension at another time. The trick to making all your screen captures the same size is in the size of the browser window. But how was I going to figure that out? I was getting sick and tired of redoing all screen captures just because they weren't all taken at the same time, with the ... Continue Reading

To NPM Trash Or NOT To NPM Trash

Note: This article doesn’t go into depth about commands, i.e. rm, rm -r, etc/ It’s about options. To read more about those commands, please visit Master the command line: Deleting files and folders, also included at the end of the article. I just finished watching Wes Bos' Command Line For Power Users series, and it was great. It focused on Z Shell, which is what I use, and I learned a lot. It opened new doors for me regarding Command Line for Mac, and I got to know my computer even better. But ... Continue Reading

Renaming Your Remote Github Repository

Today I was going through and re-organizing my JavaScript30 projects and adding Github Wiki pages to them. I came across one repository which I wanted to rename, because it did not mirror the name in the JavaScript30 repository! In addition, I wanted to rename the local repository to mirror the name of my remote repository. First I renamed the local repository. I was already in the repository which I wanted to rename, array-cardio. I wanted to rename it to array-cardio-day-1. In CLI (Command ... Continue Reading

Fixing Your NVM Install

The other day I wrote a post What To Do When You Can’t Upgrade Oh my zsh in which I mentioned that my next post would be about fixing my nvm install. So this morning I did just that. I fixed my nvm install, and now it works. It only took a couple of minutes out of my morning, and now there is one less headache on my machine! I had tried to install NVM (Node Version Manager) a while back, and it never took. Who knows exactly why, but it never did. And I never took the time to sit down and figure ... Continue Reading

What To Do When You Can’t Upgrade Oh my zsh

I have been using the Z Shell, specifically Oh My Zsh, for almost two years now. It worked without a hitch for a while, and then one day it didn't work so smoothly. It had something to do with my PATH configuration. I'm not sure whether the issue began before or after I installed El Capitan (but I don't think so), or if it was a ruby gems installation issue. I think it was the latter. Anyway, it never seemed to resolve itself. I started to dive deeper into Command Line. I was getting to know my ... Continue Reading

Creating a Custom HTML5 Video Player And The Shadow DOM

This was first published earlier today on my Custom HTML5 Video Player repository's Github Wiki. So today I completed WesBos' Custom HTML5 Video Player project, including the challenge he presented us with at the end of the video: making the video go full-screen. I knew going in that there were cross-browser issues/bugs with the element, so I was very interested in finding out what would happen when I made the video go full-screen. Low and behold, when I first ... Continue Reading