March 16, 2012


Inter-Global Media Selfie

Maria is a veteran of Wall Street, the fashion, and beauty industries. Her first entrepreneurial venture was her own women’s fashion design business, which she ran profitably for 10 years. Subsequently, she ended up in the beauty industry first on the marketing side, and then in creative. A self-starter, hard worker, and with a passion for beauty, color, and “presentation”, Maria worked her way up to become a Creative Director at a boutique skin care and cosmetics company in New York. In January of 2007, she developed an entertainment publication. Out of necessity, she learned how to create her own website(s), she wrote her own copy, shot all the photos for the publication, and all the video coverage as well. Maria has interviewed artists from all over the US and from different parts of the world. With a master’s degree in International Affairs and a passion for discovering various people and cultures, Maria was ever ready to get up close and personal in her next interview. In October 2010, she shut down the publication. She now runs an online media network by women for women (but not excluding men) called LetsBSocial.com, an Inter-Global Media Network community:

Members connect to forge strong relationships. Its purpose is to help build single people’s networks via innovative media strategies, thereby increasing their chances of success in their personal lives and careers. It’s not about BREAKING THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING, it’s about BREAKING THE ICE. You have to break the ice, before you can break through the glass ceiling.

Once upon a time, being in a relationship or getting married was the popular and accepted “solution” to a single person’s “problems”. I’ll tell you a secret: it wasn’t and isn’t.

We believe that it’s important to first develop a support network you can rely on at any time. Today we go through more drastic life changes much more frequently than in the past, which usually result in the need to “re-invent” ourselves. Having a network that knows us from the beginning, and is available to us at any given time, is key. It’s easier to develop and be successful in personal relationships when our professional and financial lives are in order.

It’s hard to go it alone. We try to make sure that you don’t.

Currently we are in beta, and are offering free (and limited) membership. Join us now! Please click here to join.

Current Focus: Seeking new opportunities in the digital media space. Of most interest are opportunities related to communication and relationship building.