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El Capitan and beyond could change the way we develop

If El Capitan is the wave of the future with Apple computers, it has already changed the way we develop. It changes our developer workflow. It is forcing the hand of so many an open source software that developers currently depend on. For instance, in the case of nodejs and npm, El Capitan still permits administrator control of /usr/local/bin, which means that we can still install our favorite plugins as dev dependencies, but we can no longer do -g installs. We are denied the permission to do so ... Continue Reading

Gulp 3.9.1 and Nodejs 6.3.0

My workflow is still not working, even though I removed the lingering gulp file that was present in the usr/local/bin path. I went onto the gulpjs repo on Github under issue #1571 from March 17, 2016 (yes, March 17) and it stated the following: We are aware of the graceful-fs deprecation warning upon install of gulp 3.x. This is due to: 1. our graceful-fs devDependency 2. the vinyl-fs dependency Both of which we are unable to upgrade due to API breaking changes. There is nothing wrong with ... Continue Reading

When global npm package installs conflict

Earlier today I installed gulp-cli for another project workflow, and guess what! It caused conflicts with gulp in my local Simpleweather workflow. Gulp ended up being moved into another path: [crayon-5797892f17e77592434953/]  So how was I going to fix this? I did a Google Search, and low and behold, a StackOverflow post appeared entitled "-bash: gulp: command not found in Mac". go to [crayon-5797892f17e8d494873448/] if gulp is present delete that directory. (sudo rm -r gulp) reinstall ... Continue Reading

Adding Gulp to Your Front End Workflow III [update]

I finished most of my workflow for my Simpleweather project. When I went in to create the list of plugins I was using here, I saw that at least one of the tools I was using was now deprecated. Gulp-Browserify. When I had found Stephan Imhoff's 16 part tutorial on setting up a Front End workflow with Gulp, he had been following the lead of a Front End Gulp tool called Gulp-Starter. I started setting up that workflow for another project, but then did not complete it, thinking it was too much for ... Continue Reading

Atom rocks

I have been using the Sublime text editor since I was introduced to it in Web Development 101. A lot of Front End Developers use Sublime. I ended up going with it. A while ago I had been introduced to Atom at a Girl Develop It workshop. Didn't end up doing anything with it. I wish I had. Tonight I was participating in a thread on the NewBie Coder Warehouse on Facebook, and someone mentioned that he used Atom, how it's great because it's free (which I already knew of course), how installing ... Continue Reading

Adding Gulp to your Front End Workflow II

I finished up my first workflow prototype yesterday. I took the best of from a variety of sources I accumulated over a long period of time, and created what works for me 0n very small projects that have no hope of expansion/scale. I used a completed project to implement the workflow, and pushed the new additions to Github. Link to the repo: To see how it looks live (this was done before I added the workflow, but I did add everything to this ... Continue Reading

On my way to perfecting my Front End workflow my way

I have been studying and learning about Front End Workflows for a long time now. However, not one tutorial or post has ever had it down 100% right. If it ever did, it eventually became outdated because of changes to workflow dependencies. I have now been revisiting various workflow projects I have done in the past, gleening the best of from each and implementing those aspects to a workflow I am in the process of developing my way. I will be adding new posts here about it. In the end, I will ... Continue Reading

Adding Gulp to your Front End Workflow

I have been searching high and low for a good post on how to set up a great Front End workflow using task runners such as Gulp. I happen to like Gulp much better than Grunt. It just is more intuitive to me. So today I searched high and low again for a great post on Gulp, and I finally did find one. It's entitled "Automate your tasks easily with Gulp.js". However, as is the case so often when developers articulate something, a few critical steps were omitted along the way. I haven't finished the ... Continue Reading

How to add files to your .gitignore with no sweat

I have only started to add .gitignore files to my projects on a more regular basis in the last few months. The reason was because I started to use development tools to improve my workflow environment. The more tools I added on, the more I realized the need for a .gitignore file. Tonight I created a .gitignore file for my new simpleweather api app. I had created a text file where I keep notes on the project, but I didn't want to commit it to the repo. So I created a .gitignore file. I wanted to ... Continue Reading

Arguments Optional

The Challenge: [crayon-5797892f19c9a107692423/] The solution should return: [crayon-5797892f19cc9480657414/] Some helpful links: Closures Closures: JavaScript Tutorial Arguments object Is possible to reduce the complexity and spaghetti quality of this Javascript algorithm solution? Discussion (re above) Starter Code: [crayon-5797892f19cd9259843401/] This challenge threw me for a loop. It ended up that I simply didn't understand what it was telling me to achieve. I thought that I ... Continue Reading