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Gmail issues yesterday were not Google related

Update 10:38am 4.12.16: I turned Mailtrack back on to check whether it was working or not, and mine is. Now that wasn't too painful. Too bad we have to yell and scream these days to get anything done. Yesterday I was having problems with my Gmail account, and I thought that it was because Google was trying to get me to use Google inbox. Not such a far-fetched assumption, but it ended up not being the case. Thank God! I like inbox for its visuals, but as far as work and business, regular Gmail ... Continue Reading

Google, please don’t force me to use #inbox

I have been extremely busy for a long time now, and have had neither the desire nor the time to write anything here. However, this morning, when Google all of a sudden started forcing me to use #inbox instead of Gmail's inbox, I was infuriated. Everything I had worked so hard to organize MY WAY was virtually erased. Ok, my labels are still in there, but I am no longer easily or intuitively able to perform organizational tasks in bulk. At least there is no obvious way of doing so. I also don't ... Continue Reading

Great Front End Development Resources to Glean From

Note: I will be adding more probably on a daily basis, as it will of course be very helpful to moi! I finally took the plunge and started a web development course at NYCDA in downtown Manhattan. Seems like a lot of the dev bootcamps and schools are situated downtown. I know I will study further after this course, it's just a matter of where and exactly what. I found that because of visual creative background, Front End made sense for me to pursue. It also fits well with Wordpress Development! ... Continue Reading

Great Git Related Resources

So I have been using Github a lot lately both for the web development evening intensive course I'm taking, and for my own projects. No matter how big or small, I'm pushing them all to gh-pages  as well as into my regular Github repositories. gh-pages is a great way to host your projects for free on Github so the world can view them easily, and you can host them for free! You can either auto generate a gh-pages website based on Github resources, or you can create project pages manually. I ... Continue Reading

Switching Careers in Mid-Life: How to Ignore Preconceptions and Biases

A good number of people get why I decided to start an evening web development intensive program at The New York Coding and Design Academy. I just began 2 weeks ago, and am so loving it. It is the smartest move I have ever made. I know that if I work hard and way beyond the scope of the course(s), I will be able to get a job as a Front End Web Developer in media. I have 14 more weeks to go, and with each week that I learn, create, and finish, I tell myself that I am one week closer to my ... Continue Reading

Why mobile first should come first in web design and development

I just wrapped up my first customization of the Brian Gardner (BG) Mobile First Theme the other day. I love it because it is truly a "mobile first" theme, and I consider that a very important aspect of web development today. It's no longer simply about the desktop or even laptop anymore. Just about everyone has a tablet or smart phone with them everywhere they go, and their UX and UI has become a number 1 priority. People like to surf the web, search for interesting content, or even make ... Continue Reading