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How to copy a directory from Command Line

In my last post I talked about zipping and unzipping a directory from the Command Line. I also mentioned how you could ignore directories within the root directory you are zipping. But sometimes you just might want to copy a directory that is in one location to another location, for whatever reason. Today, for example, I just completed a new project for my class for which I need to upload the complete directory (minus the node modules of course). However, I first want to copy the directory to ... Continue Reading

Reach for it

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash This past Sunday, I was working on a little project for my Evening JS Intensive class, and I found an inspirational and wonderful photo on Unsplash (above) taken by Bryan Minear. I really wanted to create a chat bubble over the hand and place random quotes within it, but I just couldn't get it to work for me visually. I think what really bothered me was that it covered part of the photo. In the end, I trashed the idea of the chat bubble and went ... Continue Reading

Compete Against Yourself Not Others

I never quite understood why I would repeatedly hear the phrase Compete Against Yourself Not Others until I recently went back to school. A month ago I began an awesome course/part time bootcamp at The New York Coding and Design Academy in downtown Manhattan. I was so excited to expand my horizons in the world of Fullstack JavaScript at the same place I had taken Web Development 100 and Front End 101. For two years in between, I was furthering my education intensively online before I finally was ... Continue Reading

e.keyCode || e.which?

I just wrote a post here entitled Guess the keys in which I articulate the code (without giving away the answer!) and describe how the game works. My final code includes a minor tweak I had to make in order for the colored box (read Guess the keys for more details) to render to the page in Firefox. I went through hell to actually get the game to render properly across browsers. Specifically Safari, Chrome beta 64, and Firefox Quantum. However, I did not have the chance to check it on IE Edge. ... Continue Reading

Guess the keys

Last week I created a little game with vanilla Javascript revolving around the keypress event that might end up being reused one day in a bigger project. There was a lot more going on under the hood than meets the eye, and I learned a new thing or two in the process. So I thought it was time to write another post! I was inspired to create this game by a keypress workshop we did in my Evening Fullstack JavaScript Intensive Course I just began 4 weeks ago (yes, it's already 4 weeks!). I wanted to ... Continue Reading

Downloading a pdf file from the internet using Command Line on your Mac

Since I have already written a post about zipping and unzipping directories on a Mac using the Command Line, I thought I would take that track a step further by talking about how to download a pdf file from the internet using the Command Line on your Mac. I will also discuss where it ends up relative to where you are. I will use a simple example that I actually learned from to demonstrate this. If there is a specific pdf file you want to download, please feel free to replace my web address and ... Continue Reading

ES2018 language features available in v8js v6.4 and Chrome 64

I just found out minutes ago on Twitter that Every single one of the new ES2018 language features is available by default in @v8js v6.4 and Chrome 64. — V8 (@v8js) January 26, 2018 I just finished downloading Google Chrome Version 64.0.3282.119 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) and am typing this post using it. Can't wait to test out ES2018 features with it! And yes, it is available both for Windows AND OSX. Happy ES2018, v8js, and Chrome 64ing! Related ... Continue Reading

Opening Up iTerm2 via Spotlight Search on your Mac

For the longest time I couldn't get an instance of my iTerm2 Terminal window to open via the Spotlight search bar on my Mac. Then, today I was adding some AppleScripts and Shell Scripts for keyboard short cuts I want to created on my laptop, and I decided to try opening iTerm2 again from Spotlight. I had already created a short cut for opening a file or directory in iTerm2 when clicking on the file or directory in Finder, but that still was too much work to just get iTerm2 to launch. After a ... Continue Reading

Compressing and uncompressing directories from the Command Line

Since I started my Evening JS Intensive bootcamp, I have found the need to compress assignment directories for upload to Canvas, an open-source learning management system (LMS) we use for managing our course syllabus, content, assignments submissions, grading, etc. It became a real pain to have to leave Terminal to get the gzipping done. So I decided to learn how to do it directly from the Command Line. The problem with some of my projects is that I have directories I do not want to include, ... Continue Reading

When an object property key is a string in JavaScript

Last night I learned the niftiest thing in my Evening JavaScript Intensive bootcamp class about objects. Something I had never come across before, and that is also difficult to find in any official documentation. But it is a thing, and does exist! Consider the following: [crayon-5ad8eba727b27838555787/] Notice the last property key in the cat object? It consists of two separate words and is encapsulated in quotes. So how would we access that property key and its associated value? Only with ... Continue Reading