Git Cheat Sheet

Git Basics* git init directory : creates empty Git repo in specified directory. Run with no arguments to initialize the current directory as a git repository. git clone repo : Clone repo located at <repo> onto local machine. Original repo can be located on the local filesystem or on a remote machine via HTTP or SSH. git config name : Define author name to be used for all commits in current repo. Devs commonly use --global flag to set config options for current user. git ... Continue Reading

Watch out for this Dashicon glitch!

So I just added WordPress Dashicons to my Genesis Sample Theme and was so excited with the result that I wrote a post about it. Then I went out to relax for a little while outdoors in the park in my complex, and I visited the website on my iPhone. My Dashicons weren't recognized! Egads! What happened between my finishing my "masterpiece" and opening the website on my phone? I immediately ran back upstairs to find out. I thought to myself, "Now this is just embarrassing!" Because I had seen the ... Continue Reading

WordPress Post Formats

Notice anything different in the design of the website lately? Like maybe today? I keep on hearing about how WordPress is thinking of removing them from Core and possibly placing them in a plugin. PLEASE don't do that! For a long time I was thinking of adding them to my posts on one of my websites, but never got around to it. Then a couple of things happened. I started working with the Genesis Framework and specifically the Sample Theme, and I find the direction in which they are going with ... Continue Reading

Updated to Genesis 2.2.0 beta2

Everything went well when I updated to Genesis 2.2.0 beta1. The other day I tested out Genesis 2.2.0 beta2 on my local development environment and then my live staging environment. All went well, so I updated here. Working just great! Everything is getting along nicely. FYI, in order to be able to update to beta versions of Genesis, I have been using the Genesis Beta Tester plugin. To download it, please click here. Remember, however, that my website set up will most probably be differing from ... Continue Reading

It really is all about modular development and design

This morning I put the final touches (at least for now) on this website. I made it fully responsive for mobile. It was quite a process to create a mobile menu which worked for me, and one which would provide a highly intuitive mobile experience that fit in with the new Genesis accessibility features. It had to be cutting edge and current in looks. it had to be simple. It had to be streamline. It also had  to look pretty. It had to fit in with the rest of the site design, which was already mostly ... Continue Reading

How to Add Multiple Responsive Full Width Headers in Genesis

So some of you may have noticed that the header images on this site have not been responsive. I really wanted to add custom header support to the Genesis Sample Theme I am using here. I wanted to be able to rotate images I uploaded through the Customizer so that various posts and pages would display different images. However, when I added the custom header feature, my header images were NOT responsive. I tried all sorts of CSS to make it happen. No go. But I was sure that there was some ... Continue Reading

3 Days to Genesis Camp!

As some of you may know, among other WordPress Development related "tools", I use the WordPress-based Genesis Framework. So when I heard that there was going to be a three day (online) Genesis Camp with sessions on development workflow, branding, collaboration, and more, I had to share. A member of the Genesis Community was kind enough to share a schedule of the event including various time zones. To view the schedule, please click here. Another member of the Genesis Community created a Google ... Continue Reading

The Chris Pearson Cybersquatting Case: Thesis customer base NOT considered

This morning I received an article in my inbox from WP Tavern entitled "Automattic Wins Cybersquatting Case Against Chris Pearson". The reason why I think it important to even mention this bit of news is because the Thesis Theme Framework was the first premium WordPress Theme I bought in my early days of WordPress. I started using the theme long before the battle ensued between Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg, but today I went back and read some articles about it that were written in July of ... Continue Reading