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A New React Workflow With React 16.6 and Webpack 4+

To view the second edition of my custom React workflow, please visit the react-workflow-updated-2018 repository on Github.

I just finished updating the first iteration of my React workflow to reflect changes in React 16.6 and Webpack 4.3.0. A lot has changed since last year when I put my last workflow together and documented it.

Now it’s a matter of updating that documentation. I am starting that today! What prompted me to start sooner than I expected was the following article shared on Twitter this morning:

This is indeed a big problem, and the article is worth the read!

Below I share my original React Workflow presentation/documentation from last year and my original Evolution of Design And Development presentation/documentation from last year as well. When I had first added CSS modules functionality, I had done so to an app created with Create React App. This time, I add it to my own React workflow I use in a React application NOT created with Create React App.

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