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Downloading a pdf file from the internet using Command Line on your Mac

Since I have already written a post about zipping and unzipping directories on a Mac using the Command Line, I thought I would take that track a step further by talking about how to download a pdf file from the internet using the Command Line on your Mac. I will also discuss where it ends up relative to where you are.

I will use a simple example that I actually learned from to demonstrate this. If there is a specific pdf file you want to download, please feel free to replace my web address and filename with yours.

The following command in Terminal (iTerm2) will download the pdf file called sample.pdf from the website

curl -O

the -O option consists of an alphabetical capital O and not a zero.

This command will download the file into the directory you are currently in. So if you are on your desktop via Command Line, it will download the file there. If you are in one of your project root directories, it will download it there. If you are in asubdirectory of one of your project directories, it will download it there. So be aware of where you currently are on your computer! You can check this by typing the pwd command in your Terminal before you execute the curl -O command. This ensures that you are already in the directory where you want to include the pdf!

Happy pdf downloading!

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