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I'm Now on Patreon!

Today is International Women’s Day! And it inspired me to take my first steps in achieving my company’s goals of bringing more tech awareness and efficiency to small business.

More and more small businesses are popping up everywhere. More and more people deciding to work for themselves and not others. More and more technological advances and dependence on technology taking place each day. But the big question is, are we taking full advantage of their benefits? Are we learning new things to make our workflows, lives more efficient? After all, more efficiency means less waste. Less waste means economical savings. Economical savings in the end means saving money. We are know the old adage, “Time is money!”

That’s where someone like me comes in. I design, develop, and teach experiences that make business workflows more efficient. And becoming a creator on Patreon allows me to create content which will be shared exclusively with my patrons on Patreon. It will also make teaching and collaborating with clients/patrons much more flexible. It won’t be the only way to do business with me. It will be an additional way!

So be sure to follow me there, and let me know the things that you would find beneficial as a patron!

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