Maria D. Campbell

Microsoft Word vs Apple Pages

As much as Apple has caused me big headaches with my new laptop purchase and subsequent migration of data (and the saga isn’t over yet), using a program such as Pages is a dream. What took me hours to produce via Microsoft Word took me minutes with Pages. AND, any links I embedded actually worked when I exported to PDF. With Microsoft Word, the links no longer work on exportation! And creating layouts are a breeze.

And why was this such a big deal? I can’t add a Microsoft Word doc into a React application. Only PDF.

My portfolio website is built with React.

I didn’t want to lose link functionality in the process. At the same time, I had to submit either a Google Doc or a Microsoft Word Doc in a resume assignment for my course.

It would have been a nightmare to create something pretty with either. I did it with Word because I came across a nice template to work with. Then I had to recreate the resume via Pages and re-create the layout.

Minutes to set up the layout. Minutes to copy the text from Word into the Pages doc. Why doesn’t everyone use Pages instead of Word or Google Docs? So much design/web development friendlier.

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