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Mistakes can end up being brilliant moves

In a recent post, I spoke about how the OSX Migration Assistant created a new user from my postgreSQL install on my new laptop. Subsequently I talked about uninstalling postgreSQL installedvia the postgreSQL GUI and reinstalling directly into my administrator account via Homebrew.

I mentioned my moves to my teacher, and he said that if I was working on shared code with others using postgreSQL databases, that I should create another account because of security reasons. A light bulb went on in my head, and I decided to use my new postgreSQL user account for just that kind of purpose. I had uninstalled the postgreSQL install located in the administrator account, thankfully not the new user account. Going forward, I will be dedicating that account to development projects related to postgreSQL or other similar team development scenarios.

It will mean setting up a separate Github repo with a separate public/private ssh key pair, for example, but any extra step is well worth the effort. Sometimes “mistakes” can result in brilliant moves!

Note 4.6.19: I have since abandoned this approach. It did not work well for me in the end. Can’t have two separate super user accounts on the same computer!

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