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My first tech presentation

I’m giving my first technical presentation @ReactNYC meetup this Thursday, September 28, 2017. 😅 And I’m using reveal.js for my slide presentation. The subject is “React Workflows without Create React App”. I’m trying a fun and new approach which won’t be revealed until the presentation itself, and people will be able to continue referring to it after the presentation is over!

I’m sharing the stage with some really cool speakers (and topics):

Christian Cho and Rocky Meza of Everwise, “Storybook: a Visual Testing Environment for React”

Andrew Joia, “How to Conquer the Front-end with a React Component Library”

Creating workflows, conducting tests, and using libraries are integral to creating React web or native applications. I think it will be a highly educational evening and loads of fun. ReactNYC meetups always are. So come and join us! And wish me LUCK!

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