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Opening Up iTerm2 via Spotlight Search on your Mac

For the longest time I couldn’t get an instance of my iTerm2 Terminal window to open via the Spotlight search bar on my Mac. Then, today I was adding some AppleScripts and Shell Scripts for keyboard short cuts I want to create on my laptop, and I decided to try opening iTerm2 again from Spotlight. I had already created a short cut for opening a file or directory in iTerm2 when clicking on the file or directory in Finder, but that still was too much work to just get iTerm2 to launch.

After a bit of finagling, I accidentally removed the 2 from iTerm2 in Spotlight, and the application showed up. So type the following in the Spotlight search bar to make the actual iTerm2 application on your laptop appear in Spotlight:


So when you want to open iTerm2 in Spotlight, just type iTerm and it will appear in the Spotlight search window. Some things just aren’t as intuitive as we think they are!

Happy Spotlighting!

Note: If you already have the iTerm2 application open, but just don’t have an instance of it open, and type iTerm in Spotlight, it will immediately open a new iTerm2 window.

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