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React workflows update 1

My React Workflow journey did not stop with my presentation on the topic the other day. I am working on a new rendition of my portfolio site using React, and while working on it, I checked another application I have hosted on gh-pages, and noticed that it did not have production quality code. I made the necessary changes to my webpack config, splitting my one original config there into two: webpack-dev.config.js and webpack-prod.config.js. And then I updated them to the latest changes necessary to make the configs valid. When I finally completed all changes, I re-deployed the app in question to gh-pages. Now the ReactDevTool showed a black icon indicating production quality deployment. What made the production quality_ possible_ was the addition of the webpack uglifyjs plugin. However, in the past, with a couple of other apps I had created, I had tremendous issues with the plugin. In one case, it might have had to do with the code in all honesty. I’m not sure. In other cases, there simply were conflicts with other plugins and configs in package.json. So minification never even took place. At the time, I was using version 0.3 something of the plugin. Today, I installed version 0.4.6. And guess what? If you are familiar with my presentation, remember the burning question I asked regarding keeping the filenames of [chunkhash] bundle.js and runtime.js the same if there were no changes to the files? When I would run a new build in which there were no changes to either of those files, their [chunkhash] would change. Today, when I ran new builds in which there were no changes, none of my js files’ chunkhashes changed! I still had the issue of no source-maps being emitted in production for any of my js files because of the webpack uglifyjs plugin, but was very glad to know that I had achieved my goal.

However, I’m not quite sure how I got there! I do have additional plugins installed. The webpack uglifyjs plugin is a different version. Go figure!

If anyone has had a similar experience and has figured out why I was successful in making sure that the chunkhashes for all my js files would not change if there were no changes, please let me know! The webpack documentation is not very clear on this issue. It focuses mainly on the vendor.js file. Thanks!

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